The Seizure

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 16″ x 20″, 2019

At one time I was diagnosed with epilepsy in middle school. All I could remember from my first grand mal was my knees buckling and everything going black. I collapsed in the middle of the classroom. I woke up with a stuffed animal under my head and my teacher at my side. My second and last grand mal seizure was on the front steps of a church during an art show. This was on summer vacation and the most likely cause was dehydration. I had staring seizures (petit mal seizures) daily, it affected my work ethic at school because I would lose that time and not remember a thing. These would last about 10 seconds. Staring seizures are sometimes hard to notice because I would just look like I’m staring into space. Doctors said there is a good chance that I would grow out of it. During these years, I did EEGs (electroencephalograms). These appointments I did often to check and see if I was still having seizures. I wasn’t a fan of them because they required me to be sleep deprived. The crayons they used to mark where the wires went, felt like painful tiny noogies. I grew out of epilepsy at 18.

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