Brennen Cabrera’s practices reflect visceral, carnal, and sentimental aspects of the human condition. Exploring areas of queer politics and theory, neurodiversity, systemic issues, subculture, and pop culture.

He is multidisciplinary, primarily concentrating on mixed-media painting with sculptural elements. Incorporating conventional and unconventional materials to create abject and stimulating imagery.

More recently, he has integrated his ideas into performative work which focuses on immersive theatrics and provocative behaviors.

By observing the profound and subtle subjects, Brennen’s work can function as a catalyst for discussions of the intensity, ease, and regulation of living.


Brennen Cabrera (age 26) was born, raised, and resides in Louisville, Kentucky. Aside from his home state, he has also exhibited in Illinois, Upstate New York, and California. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, this gave Brennen heightened sensitivities and perceptions of the world around him and savant skills that would be useful in his self-taught career.