Chapter 1: Dimitri’s Prequel and Beginnings

Why a haunt character? Well at first it was just for fun. However, overtime I felt that the character became a part of me and my work. I wrote a backstory for Dimitri a few years back with connections to anxieties in my personal life, professional life, and the things I absorbed from others. Dimitri’s appearance and personality before the haunted attraction would be described as someone stuck in the 80s, a metal music fan, energetic and childish. Its not uncommon to create characters and personalities to deal with things in our personal lives. This kind of behavior is quite common in neurodiverse people.

I decided after starting my second session film installment that I would also give Dimitri’s story shot in chapters. Film has always been important to me. Which is a big reason that I’m looking to more video projects. I’m unsure where to put this one online, its relevant but also cringey cheese. But hey you’re your own worst critic. I’ll probably put these somewhere in the fall.